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Fast and scalable decentralized Peer to Peer search engine


Roadmap includes 4 phases. Our product will be fully useable when the roadmap is completed.


The testnet will be deployed by 2022. Team will add codes and fix bugs.


The Alpha will be deployed by 2023. Team will see how the product is working and add up more codes.


The Beta will be deployed by 2024. Product will be usable by consumers but it will not include all features. Team will add up more features by time.


Product will be Live by 2025. It will be complete and fully usable. It will have all the features.



Burning Every 3 Months

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Epsilon will be fully secure. It's security comes from a distributed ledger also know as a decentralized blockchain. Everything will be recorded on a block by using Smart Contracts. But don't worry because your privacy is our priority. Blockchain uses Cryptography. So, it will be safe to use.

Epsilon will work fast and rapid. It's speed

comes from the blockchain that it uses. It uses Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain is the fastest and the most inexpensive block chain to use.

We Take Pride in Our Team


Years of Experience




Big Companies


More Developers Will Be Hired


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We are doing a Pre-Sale for Epsilon's native token EPSI. We are doing this because we need money to fund our project. We will use the money for advertising, researching, listing in exchanges, hiring new developers, developing and finishing our Roadmap. To contribute please press 'BUY' button.



 You should have a wallet such as MetaMask. You will connect your wallet. Your wallet should use Binance Smart Chain Network (we will automatically connect to Binance Smart Chain Network). There should be BNB inside your wallet. 

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